Help with Mikado Vbar Control

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Help with Mikado Vbar Control

#1 von Blondie 22.01.2020 13:51

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a Vbar Control user(s) in Zürich who could help me setting up my transmitter.
I have followed the manual but I still am unable to fly with some of my helicopters.
Helicopters are fine, I can fly them with my Dx6i, is just the Vbar Control that gives me problems.

Thank you very much!!!

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RE: Help with Mikado Vbar Control

#2 von Helio 22.01.2020 21:14

No problem I am near from Zürich. You can visit me and I help to you with Setup
Regards Hugo

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RE: Help with Mikado Vbar Control

#3 von Pädie 26.01.2020 12:34

Did you get help with your VBar Control?
I Have one as well and maybe I can help you, if you tell where the Problems is. I had the most problems with registration of the stuff (V-Bar Control Manager with Windows 10). With Windows 7 was no Problem.
But I know only the V-Bar Control Touch.


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